September 2017

September 2017

September 2017

As the 2017 National Ploughing Championships come to a close we reflect on another successful event for Weidemann Ireland. 

Despite the mixed bag of weather during the 3 days this year's ploughing saw record crowds many of whom visited our stand to see the range of innovative Weidemann machines, including the ever popular T4512 Telehandler and the new 122HP 5080T which was officially launched at the Championships.

Visitors were very impressed with the Weidemann range and took the opportunity to ask our dealers all about the machines 

Thank you to everyone who took the time to call with us on the stand this year, we'll see you all in 2018!

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Weidemann T4512 Sold to Big Red Barn By Kirrane Machinery

October 2017

September 2017



alex jaegemann from Weidemann Germany visits Weidemann Ireland Head Office

September 2017

October 2017

Weidemann have upped the power in their loader range topper. Alistair Chambers drove the new arrival. 

September 2017


Pictured  Left to right Darren Wilson, John Wilson, Alex Jaegemann and John O'Boyle

Collecting the Weidemann from local dealers, Gordon Hegarty and Sons was the first part of the test. Once up in the cab of the loader I could see that this was a very well-built machine. All the fixtures and fittings had a good solid feel. The Perkins four-cylinder engine fired up nicely and sounded far better than the smaller horsepower version. The test farm is 30km from the dealers and the trip up the road was a good test of the comfort of the German loader. I found that the little loader was very comfortable on the road and the soft-ride system on the loader boom was very effective. I could visibly see it doing its work as I was on the move. The little loader has a maximum speed of 30km/h, which is slow by industry standards but perfectly fast enough for around any yard or on a short run to an out farm. After the slow (but very comfortable) drive back to the farm it was time to see if the power had made a difference.

The loader came with a bucket, pallet forks and a bale spike and during the few days I had a use for them all.

Thank you to the technicians from across the Weidemann Ireland Dealer Network who attended today's Technical Training Event, taken by Weidemann Germany Service Trainer Andreas Laumann. 

Technicians from William Bell Tractors, Clarkes Machinery, T.H.Troughtons, Gordon Hegarty & Sons McGinty Tractors, and Wilsons of Rathkenny were taken through the latest technical updates on the Weidemann range. 

From compact telehandlers like the T4512 right through to Tele-Wheel Loaders such as the new 5080T your local Authorised Weidemann Ireland Dealer are on hand to help you with any technical queries you might have. 


A Weidemann T4512 sold this morning to Big Red Barn by Kirrane Machinery Ltd.

A wet old day at the National Ploughing Championships was brightened up at the Weidemann stand with the Co/ Mayo based company  bought a T4512 Telehandler.

Big Red Barn design & manufacture a wide range of the  innovative Modular Structures  for the Event Hire market.

Thank you for your custom folks!


Weidemann Ireland Dealer Locator - Header

The test

With the bucket on the 5080T, we headed off to do some pushing and lifting. The first task was pushing up some mushroom compost into a shed, the little loader was very nimble in and around the shed and the almost six-metre reach was very good for heaping the material against the holding wall.

This did not test the power of the new engine. For this I found a good big heap of drainage stone which was tipped on the farm. Putting the bucket down and pushing the heap showed the real improvement in this machine. The power was evident and the Weidemann pushed very well, seeming to move most of the stone mountain and then lifted a full bucket with comparative ease.

There wasn’t even a beep out of the lift warning system. This system has a scale that lets you know that you are working within the safe limits of the machine and will beep incessantly if you get close to them. I found it very impressive at this sort of work and can imagine that it would be very good at pushing dung and clearing out sheds with lots of both engine-and hydraulic-power.

The flow rate of the hydraulic system makes for impressive reading with its class leading 150l/minute.

This makes the loader controls very fast and responsive and with lots of grunt in all directions.

Lift capacity

The brochure claims that the 5080T has a lift capacity of a little over two tonnes, in order to test this a trip to the local merchants yard was undertaken, a full pallet of fertiliser was commandeered and the lift capacity was put to the test. The Weidemann lifted the pallet with no issue at all, right up to full-height and then fully extended with no whinging from the lift warning. A sure sign that the lift was well within its capabilities.

The loader happened to be on farm when the first of the spring barley was being baled. The bales being handled were the smallest of the big squares, weighing about 100kg each. The 5080T was very manoeuvrable and comfortable in the field – both with four bales and empty. Even across the ploughing and combine tracks that are common on a year like this, the soft ride was massively impressive. Loading the bale trailer from the one side was very easy with the telescopic boom on this loader. Putting straw up in the shed was very easily done and the loader was very manoeuvrable and nimble in and around pillars of the shed.

Weidemann Ireland Dealer Gordon Hegarty & Sons Ltd are hosting a Weidemann Roadshow from 2nd - 5th of October. 

Come and test drive the latest range of Weidemann farm loaders from 2nd-5th October at any of the four locations, Wicklow, Wexford, Carlow and Kildare.
All locations will be signposted from main roads.

Wicklow: 2nd October
Herbst House, Kilpoole Hill
Co. Wicklow

Wexford: 3rd October
Tomcoole, Barntown
Co. Wexford

Carlow: 4th October
Co. Carlow

Kildare: 5th October

Blackrath, Cabinstown
Co Kildare

Refreshments will be served at the events.

For more information contact Sean on: 087 6280710 or Jason on: 086 8262683


The new AGM battery technology allows the compact loader to be driven by the electric drive.

In 2014, Weidemann launched a successful initiative on a drive that promises success for years to come, in the 1160 eHoftrac machine, the first electric farm-powered loader. Since April 2015, the machine has been used extensively in the field, in the field, and is experiencing its first major improvement. The eHoftrac machine will be available from Hoppecke's high-quality AGM sphere from 2017 onwards. The abbreviation AGM stands for "Absorbent Glass Matt", which means that in this battery type the electrolyte is connected to a faulty glass fiber. Thanks to a closed battery box, an infiltration safe system has been established. When the battery is less sensitive to heat, it generates less heat in loading and operation.

Thanks to low ventilation requirements, more security is provided during the loading process. Also, there is no need to fill distilled water.

As before, there are various power stages. The standard battery is 48 V and produces 240 Ah; it generates 310 Ah at 48 V with the optional battery. The new AGM battery offers more advantages for the use of the 1160 eHOFTRAC machine: Improved efficiency rating and better power handling at the same capacity, as well as increased initial heating capability (energy recovery). The AGM battery has an integrated "Onboard" loading device so that a fixed loading station for on-site operation is no longer needed. Loading can be done seamlessly with 16 amperes direct current charging in every 230 Volt socket.

When a cordless machine is selected, potential customers have often seen a mismatch between long loading times and focused on waiting times that are considerably shorter. The great advantage of AGM technology lies in the fact that intermediate loads are always possible and can be emptied with success. Machines that are in use by the customer, e.g. when a battery change occurs, the new AGM technology can be equally equipped.


Technicians from across the Weidemann ireland Dealer network join Group Aftersales manager Martin McConville and Weidemann Germany Service Trainer Andreas Laumann for technical training.


Thank you to Weidemann Market Development Manager Alex Jaegemann for his recent visit to Weidemann Ireland Head Office.

Many of you will have met Alex on our stand at the National Ploughing Championships where he caught up with  dealers in our expanding network as well as lots of existing Weidemann owners.

It's always great to have a strong relationship with Weidemann as the brand continues to go from strength to strength throughout  Ireland. Hopefully the weather will be a bit kinder next time Alex!

Weidemann Ireland Logo

Weidemann loader packs some serious punch.
By Alistair Chambers on 27 September 2017


Weidemann was formed by two farming brothers with an interest in technology. They officially formed as a limited partnership in 1960. The company is now an affiliate of Wacker Neuson, a worldwide producer of plant and agricultural equipment. They manufacture many different machines from mini-electric loaders to the range topping 5080T.

The 5080T has been available in Ireland for the last three years, having been launched in 2013 in Germany. The original was launched with a 75hp engine and, having driven one in the past, I found it to be slightly under-powered. So when they launched a version with a good chunk more power I had to have a go.

Weidemann Ireland Dealer Gordon Hegarty & Sons Ltd took Weidemann on the road last week demonstrating the innovative range of machines in 4  locations around their area over 4 days in Co Wicklow, Co Wexford, Co Carlow and  Co Kildare. 

This was a great opportunity for local farmers to demo Weidemann machines in real world settings and to experience just how agile they are round the yard, delivering the power required for demanding daily tasks in a convenient size for working in and out of sheds.

Didn't get a chance to attend the roadshow? or do you want to demo a Weidemann on your own farm? 

Contact your local Weidemann Ireland Dealer to book your free demo today!