Weidemann GmbH MD Mr Bernd Apfelbeck visits Weidemann Ireland. (April 2016)

Weidemann Ireland welcomes Weidemann GmbH Managing Director Mr Bernd Apfelbeck, and Regional Market Development Manager Alex Jaegemann to our County Antrim based headquarters. Mr Apfelbeck was keen to see Weidemann at work on his first visit to Ireland.

Guide for their 2 day visit was Weidemann Ireland Sales Manager John O’Boyle. The group travelled to Clough to see dairy farmer John Gaston putting his new T5522 to work round the yard. Next They called on Broughshane Poulty Farmer and owner of a 2070LT David Kernoghan.

Weidemann Ireland have one of only 2 pre-production models of the T6027 especially for this years show. Advance orders are already looking strong for the brand new telehandler with a busy few weeks of demos ahead for the Weidemann Ireland dealers


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Weidemann Ireland are very proud to anouce a new deal to supply Balloo Hire Centre Weidemann Machines.

We recently delivered the first of 3 T4512  telehandlers to Balloo's Belfast site in the shadow of the iconic Belfast ship yard.  

Thank you from the entire team at Weidemann Ireland!

The pupils of P2H at Braidside Primary School visit Weidemann Ireland learning all about transportation. The second visit by the school to the site this year. The children were all very well behaved being shown around our range of Weidemann Telehandlers and loaders and kept Martin McConville on his toes with lots of questions about... well just about everything! 
Thanks for brightening up our day kids! (Martin has now gone for a wee bit of a lie down now).

Thank you to everyone who came to see the T6027 at it's Irish launch at the Balmoral Show.

The T6027 features All-wheel steering, low center of gravity and excellent stability Thanks to the all-wheel steering and the undivided frame. 

With an increased Lift Capacity 2.7 Tonnes at 6m The Weidemann T6027 is ready for action. The T6027 also features Weidemann's Vertical Lift System as 

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Weidemann T6027 launches at Balmoral Show (May 2016)

Standing in the Footsteps of Giants (May 2016). 

On day two of the visit the group met with William Richmond from Greenmount Agricultural College for an in-depth tour round the campus to see how the next generation of farmers are putting Weidemann machines to good use as part of their practical studies including their recently purchased 1160 eHoftrac.

Weidemann Ireland Welcomes Pupils From

Braid Valley School (April 2016)

Weidemann Ireland Host Successful Weidemann Training Course (October 2015)

A very successful Weidemann Technical Training Course was enjoyed by the Irish dealers on 21st and 22nd October 2015.  The two day event is part of an ongoing training package that Weidemann Ireland are providing for the network of Weidemann Dealers in Ireland.

The training was completed by Andreas Laumann who is the Weidemann Factory Trainer from Germany and the two day course involved both classroom and practical, hands-on training.  Participants enjoyed the detailed training which covered the entire current range of Weidemann machines, including the electric eHoftrac.  Feedback from all parties involved was very positive, with all the trainees finding the two days very beneficial and interesting. 

Events like these are invaluable for the network of dealers in Ireland, providing insights direct from the manufacturer.  Martin Mc Conville, Weidemann Ireland’s Group Aftersales Manager, said “It’s good to see the level of support from the dealers and I would like to thank Andreas Laumann for travelling to N. Ireland and completing the training, which has been very beneficial.”  

Personnel from the following Weidemann Ireland dealers were in attendance: Byrne Machinery (Co. Tipperary), Clarke Machinery (Co. Cavan, Co. Meath and Co. Roscommon), Gordon Hegarty & Sons Ltd (Co. Kilkenny and Co. Carlow), Paudy Buckley & Co Ltd (Co. Cork), TH Troughton (Co. Down), H Fulton Tractors Ltd (Co. L/Derry) and Wilson’s of Rathkenny (Co. Antrim).

Weidemann Ireland has plans to continue the ongoing training support package for all the Irish dealers.  They recognise the importance of manufacturer led training, and how it plays an integral role in providing high levels of aftersales support.   Adequate training on all the current machines ensures the dealers are consistently informed, and as a group they are looking forward to working with Weidemann Germany again in the future.

The Weidemann product range currently comprises of articulated and compact Hoftracs, wheeled loaders, telescopic wheel loaders, all-wheel steering telehandlers and a large selection of attachments.  Today, Weidemann is the number one manufacturer of these types of machines in Germany, and is fast becoming very popular throughout Ireland.

Emission-free electrical farm loader for improvement of working conditions and climatic conditions in stables for agriculture and equine management.

Weidemann has just released the first fully electric farm loader with articulated steering for agricultural
interior applications. With this design and development, based on the classic 1160 Hoftrac®, Weidemann is
taking a conscious step towards electro mobility on the farms of the agricultural and equine industry, and
wants to keep actively expanding the innovative advantage that the Hoftrac® series have enforced over the

With the battery-operated loader, Weidemann wants to get rid of emissions in stables, improve the
wellbeing of animals and create better working conditions. An additional effect is the reduction of noise
pollution for neighbours in smaller locations.

The first eHoftrac® is a 1160 Hoftrac®. In previous years this model was sold in large quantities as an entrylevel
model and is used in farms of all sizes. It therefore represents a rather large customer group.
First practical tests have clearly shown: The emission-free, low-noise eHoftrac® considerably improves the
living and working conditions of both man and animal in closed spaces; in comparison to a conventional
machine, it does all this without loss in power and performance.

Farm loaders are used in stable work for several hours during the early morning and evening. One battery
charge of an eHoftrac® suffices for a work input of approximately 2-4 hours, depending on operational
conditions. This is quite sufficient for machines in such a performance category. The charging time is max.
8 hours with a standard charger and only 6 hours with a quick charger.

This technology also seems to be very interesting for the thousands of machines used within closed areas,
e.g. in the various livestock farms in the agricultural and equine industry, in the unloading of fruit and
vegetables and in potato cultivation, as well as greenhouses. But it is also very interesting in small and
medium industrial applications.

Particularly in an industrial environment, farm and wheel loaders, when compared to forklifts, have the
advantage of running with equal stability both on paved surfaces and off-road. This means they are far
more versatile than typical forklifts which are more geared to single operations within a building.

As an advantage for mobile machines, electrical engineering permits extremely dynamic and powerful startup.
Due to the short tapping of high currents, electric engines are able to deliver high power and torque
within a short period, even far in excess of their electrical load rating. The operator notices this benefit in
the machine every time when accelerating. To design a machine that accommodates a price-sensitive
market, the developers at Weidemann soon realised that lithium-ion battery technology was out of the
question, due to the immense costs. Instead, they aligned the concept to systems that have been wellestablished
in the scope of forklifts. Therefore, a tried-and tested industrial lead-acid battery was used in
the innovative, electric eHoftrac®. The service parameters of the eHoftrac ® are similar to those of the
conventional, existing machine. The tipping load increases favourably, due to the weight of the battery in
the machine, to 1,348 kg including bucket (machine straight). The eHoftrac® only requires a power
connection with 400 volts, to be found on every farm. It is charged simply by flipping open the engine hood
and connecting the battery to the battery charger. The appropriate plug receptacle is installed on the
machine, which is protected against dust and splash-water.

Cost analysis

In the current market, the additional costs for the electrical drive system of the eHoftrac® are approx. 20%
of the diesel-driven machine. This already includes the battery and the battery charger. The e-concept has
significant advantages in terms of operation costs for the work hydraulics and drive hydraulics, which were
taken into account in the costing.

A comparison of the two machines shows that the eHoftrac® allows significant savings to be made in
comparison to the Hoftrac®1160, both in energy costs as well as in CO2emissions. Energy-cost savings
amount to approximately 41%. The service costs for the conventional machine and the battery change after
approx. 1,200 loading cycles for the eHoftrac® were included in this. The reduction of CO2 emissions
amounts to 43%. The currently existing electricity mix in Germany was used as a basis for this

Because there are PV installations, biogas and/or wind power plants in many agricultural businesses, and
internal use by the business in question is becoming more and more economically attractive due to special
subsidies, the reduction in CO2 emissions may be even greater when the proportion of regenerative
energies at the charging current is increased.

Basic Conclusions: A comparison of primary energy costs over the average service life of the machine
clearly indicates that the costs for diesel power are significantly higher than those for the eHoftrac®.
Consequently, it can be concluded that the increased investment costs of approx. 20% for the eHoftrac®
will be redeemed after approximately 2,800 operating hours. Emission values are reduced by around 43%
by the eHoftrac®, thereby documenting its environmental friendliness. If you add the energy generation and
energy consumption from your own PV unit to this, then this would result in even more considerable and
positive results.

The eHoftrac® - an innovation available on the Irish market from June 2015.

The eHoftrac® provides many benefits for the innovative and environmental-friendly end user:

· Lower energy and therefore operating costs (emission reduction of 43% and reduction in energy costs of

· Designed to be used indoors: Active contribution to the reduction of CO2-exhaust fumes/emissions and soot
particles (additionally: a soot particle filter is no longer required). Nevertheless, complete off-road capability,
similar to that of the diesel-driven machine.

· Fulfilment above-and-beyond the currently applicable exhaust gas standards for mobile working machines
with combustion engines.

· Ability to increase internal use of self-generated power from regenerative sources, e.g. photovoltaic units
on agricultural sites.

· Normally, the machines are charged during the day (after the morning or evening stable work). This allows
the operator of his own PV unit to further increase and evenly distribute the proportion of the quantities
eligible for subsidies, even during off-peak hours, e.g. milking.

· Significantly lower noise emission – reduction in health-related stress and an increase in health promotion
for the operator (work ergonomics), the animals (less stress factors) and the proximity (town centres).

· Lower maintenance and servicing costs: Elimination of engine oil changes, no cooling water cycle and no
hydraulic circuit required for the drive system – less parts and components prone to wear or failure.

· An additional environmental aspect is the reduction of oil-leak sources due to elimination of the hydrostatic
drive system of the machine.

· Replaceable battery for contract period of the machine.

· The character of the eHoftrac® as a multi-tool on the farm remains unchanged, i.e. all attachment tools can
also be operated with this type of drive as usual. Even on the initial purchase of an eHoftrac® , existing
attachment tools can still be used without any problems, and can be supplemented by new tools.

Contact your local Weidemann dealer for more details, OR email sales@weidemannireland.com to express interest.