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Well known North Antrim man, Laurence O’Neill has owned his Weidemann T4512 since January 2013. He has accumulated many hours since then and doesn’t know what he would do without it. Laurence, from outside Martinstown said, “The Weidemann T4512 makes work fun and it’s so versatile it can get into places no other machine can go and has a great work capacity!” He continued, “It’s easy to access and comfortable to operate with clear all round vision.”Laurence uses his machine for many hours each day and for many different jobs around his farm andtool business. From using it as a fork lift with his business, to attaching a bucket for lifting straw onthrough to using it as a bale lifter. Laurence had never owned a Telehandler before and to say he ‘likes’ his Weidemann machine is an understatement. When asked did it cater for all his requirements he said, “When you own a Weidemann you are never beaten. It is the best investment I have ever made!”
Laurence O'Neill, Antrim with his Weidemann T4512

William Allen is pictured with his Weidemann 4070 CX100 

Pictured with their Weidemann 2070 CX80 T 
​are David Campton and Joe Black

David & Derek Campton are Succle cow & sheep farmers from just outside Cookstown. 
 They previously owned a Kramer 318 and decided to change to a Weidemann 2070 CX80 T in 2013. They decided to change to the Weidemann after demonstrating it for a few days and believed that it was, “better finished than any of the other machines” they tried. David said, “It was handier, more powerful and less expensive also”.
 At the moment they are using it as a forklift for handling his seed, as part of their business and in winter “will use it to feed the cattle”.

Pictured with their Weidemann 2070 CX80 T ​are David Campton and Joe Black

Charles & David Weir are well known dairy farmers from Waringstown, County Armagh. Having never owned a wheeled loader before, they purchased a Weidemann 2070 CX50 LP in April 2012.    David said, “It’s a great machine for scraping and bedding cows, pushing silage and many other jobs. It gets up between the cubicles with no bother!”   Charles said, “It’s a good shovel, very reliable and very straight forward, as well as being quite stable in the yard.”

Lyndon Hull, from Aghalee, County Antrim purchased his Weidemann 1160 in 2013 from Wilsons of Rathkenny and hasn’t looked back. He previously owned a JCB 403.  Lyndon has around 350 ewes which have to be looked after on a daily basis and he said the Weidemann 1160 is perfect for this job, “I wanted a machine with an automatic hitch, with full lighting/road legal kit. I needed something small that could work in polytunnel sheep housing and for other work around the farm.”  Lyndon said he bought the machine for his partner Audrey Brannagh, as she would be using it more often than himself. Audrey said, “It’s so easy to drive, very maneuverable, user friendly and has a universal appeal.”

Robert Currie, a dairy and beef farmer from Ballymoney purchased his Weidemann 3070 CX80 T from Wilsons of Rathkenny in 2013, and has found it to be a fantastic machine. Robert had a JCB TM220 before moving to Weidemann and said he was happy that all his 11 implements fitted perfectly on this machine.  When asked why he had decided to change to a Weidemann, Robert said, “The first thing that appealed to me was that it is German built.” - Machines made in Germany are well renowned for great quality build and also reliabilty. Weidemann have over 50 years experience of building machines for everyday farm use.  Robert went on to say, “There is a great all around vision when you are sitting in the cab, which is useful as I do a lot of land levelling and bale handling etc. The controls are very simple to use with no computer gadgets, plus it also has a simple gear ratio which should mean there is less to go wrong with it.”

Alan Turkington & David Weir pictured with their Weidemann 2070 CX50 LP
Lyndon Hull, Antrim with a Weidemann 1160 Hoftrac


Audrey Branagh pictured with her Weidemann 1160

Laurence O'Neill pictured with his Weidemann T4512

David Allen is not new to Weidemann - He previously owned a 2004 Weidemann 3006, which he purchased new and used for 8 years before upgrading to a Weidemann 4070 CX100 T in April 2012.   David is a dairy farmer from Cookstown who does contract work for the Dale Farm cheese factory, as well as supplying fertilizer. He has around 1400hrs on the machine, as it is used on a daily basis.    David said, “I’ve never had any problems with the machine, apart from the reversing buzzer, but Wilsons of Rathkenny came out straight away and fixed it for me.”
Robert Curruie, Antrim with his Weidemann 3070 CX80T

Robert Currie pictured with his Weidemann 3070 CX80 T