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Working in nurseries, greenhouses or nurseries is greatly facilitated by the Weidemann machines. The efficient use of space with narrow paths presents a particular challenge. Many operations that are carried out by hand or with a wheelbarrow or with roller boards can therefore be carried out using our compact machines.

Making the right decisions when purchasing new machines – that’s what matters. For decades, Weidemann machines have been used successfully in garden centers and greenhouses as a multi-tool, where it depends on small machine dimensions and turning radii.

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Optimal working ergonomics

Working ergonomics play a crucial role in the development of the Weidemann machines – with spacious driver protection roofs and cabs with optimum all-round visibility, with control elements that are easily accessible and largely self-explanatory even for changing drivers. The working atmosphere in our cabins is excellent, thanks to an effective heating and ventilation system. For particularly warm outside temperatures we recommend air conditioning.

Activities and operations in nursery & greenhouse

Discover the possibilities with some examples.

Cultivate vegetables
Whether in planting or harvesting work – with machine support from Weidemann, the activities can be completed more easily in each season. A wide selection of suitable attachment tools, such as Pallet fork, shovel, floor planner or transport container are ready for you.
Move plant pots
Classic spring and autumn inserts are perfectly supported by the matching Weidemann machine with a good view of the load and our large selection of pallet forks. The hydraulic adjustment of the tines is possible. For road trips, we offer a fold-up pallet fork.
Trailer operation

Using the Weidemann machine as a towing vehicle – this is very well possible, for example, with the Model 1380 and the trailer in size and payload. With a width of 1.04 m, it is also possible to drive on narrow roads and work at any time, for example, in green spaces or parks.

Green section procedure
The bush and tree trimming can be moved and unloaded safely and without residues with the box turning device with suitable waste container. With the small compact Weidemann machines, you can open up any area that can only be reached on narrow paths.
Mobile work
Fahren Sie doch einfach zu Ihrem Auftraggeber: die kleineren Baureihen können Sie auf einem Anhänger transportieren, sodass Sie problemlos an verschiedenen Einsatzorten, wie z.B. in Parkanlagen und Gärten, Friedhöfen oder im Innenstadtbereich Ihren Aufgaben nachgehen können. Ihre Mobilität und Multifunktionalität machen unsere Maschinen einzigartig.
Weidemann machines can be equipped with various sweepers, weed brooms, high-pressure cleaners or brooms to remove dirt of any kind. Keep your terrain and working environment clean during field operations.
Emission free work
Here is the 1160 eHoftrac in its specialty: the battery-powered machine bans exhaust fumes and noise from your daily work routine. A battery charge is sufficient for a labor input of 2 to 5 hours, depending on the conditions of use. Intermediate loads are possible at any time. The charger is located behind the battery directly in the machine.
Fill plant container

Various buckets and transport attachment tools are available for the filling of planters – and all this matched to your machine size. So the earthworks become a pleasure.

Transport work
All things that have to be transported by a nursery can be moved by a Weidemann machine. With the appropriate attachment tools, such. Pallet fork, various shovels or grippers grasp and lift the transported goods absolutely safely. For storage in racking systems, the lifting height and stability play the decisive role.
Grounds maintenance
Also use a Weidemann machine for the care of hedges, shrubs and trees: available for this are a double knife mower (scrub), a hedge trimmer (up to 25 mm branch thickness) or a branch saw (40 to 100 mm branch thickness).
A constantly recurring task is the care of green areas, which must be mowed regularly. Here we recommend the Weidemann machine in combination with a sickle mower, mulcher or a flail mower with drip tray.
Winter service
Depending on the model, Weidemann machines can be equipped with various snow blades and rear spreaders. This will give you valuable assistance in winter maintenance to clear the terrain of snow and ice.

Video – Weidemann machines in action

In the video you can see the 1160 eHoftrac in use in nursery & greenhouse.