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Weidemann Ireland offers the right solution for every task

As an all-rounder everywhere in use

Weidemann has been developing and producing superchargers for a wide variety of applications since the early 1970s. For industrial and commercial applications, we offer a well thought-out and innovative product program with high usability and sophisticated technology.

Efficient work requires innovative technical solutions. Efficiency is one of the most important features wheel loaders should bring to your business today. Because the faster and more time-saving a machine maneuvers, the higher its performance.

For wheel loaders and telehandlers from Weidemann, cost-effectiveness means technically mature solutions such as high lifting height, high breaking strength, high stability, a simple quick-change system and a switchable 100% differential lock. Powerful, coordinated engine according to the latest emission standards and outstanding stability with great maneuverability and excellent off-road capability are further cornerstones of our product concept.

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Activities and operations in industry and trade

Discover the possibilities with some examples.

Transport work
Many things that have to be transported in industrial or commercial operation can be moved by a Weidemann machine, especially on uneven ground. With the appropriate attachment tools, such. Pallet forks, various shovels or grippers grasp and lift the goods safely.
Loading work
The loading height, stability and manoeuvrability play the decisive role in loading work. The Weidemann product range offers you machine series in graded performance classes and the appropriate attachment tools, regardless of whether you want to load bulk goods or single goods. No problem: to reach the back row of the loading areas and load and unload trucks from one side.
Stacking operations

Moving heavy piece goods to high altitudes and stacking is no problem – just fine-tune your Weidemann machine in size and performance to the respective work task. With our telescopic loaders, we came up with something particularly innovative for the pile work: the driver assistance system vls (Vertical Lift System) supports the driver with a partially automated telescoping movement.


Weidemann machines can be equipped with various sweepers, weed brooms, high-pressure cleaners or brooms to remove dirt of any kind. Keeping your premises and working environment always clean.

Grounds Maintenance

On every farm there are green areas which have to be mowed regularly. Here we recommend the Weidemann machine in combination with a sickle mower, mulcher or a flail mower with drip tray. Also available are pruning saw, hedge trimmer or double knife mower to cut hedges, bushes and trees.

Winter Service

Depending on the model, Weidemann machines can be equipped with various snow blades and rear spreaders. This will give you valuable support during the winter service to clear the premises and the access roads of snow and ice.


Sorting and stacking recyclable materials, filling plants, relocating compost – for the different applications of the recycling sector, the Weidemann machines can be optionally equipped, for example, with foamed tires, dust separators, additional worklights or air conditioning.

Logistics & Warehousing

The diverse storage and retrieval activities can be completed perfectly with a Weidemann outdoors even on uneven terrain. Even heavy goods can be moved because the machine construction and the axles are optimally designed for heavy loads.

Emission free work

Here is the 1160 eHoftrac in its specialty: the battery-powered machine bans exhaust fumes and noise from your daily work routine. A battery charge is sufficient for a labor input of 2 to 5 hours, depending on the conditions of use. Intermediate loads are possible at any time. The charger is located behind the battery directly in the machine.

Video – Weidemann machines in action

In the video you see different Weidemann machines in use at a recycling center.