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Weidemann Ireland offers the right solution for every task

Extremely good

The Weidemann machines are fully in their element in the zoo or zoos – after all, they have been used successfully for decades in traditional agriculture in animal husbandry. Feeding work, mucking, transport and lifting work, care work and all this with different attachments are completed every day perfectly.

Compact design, low turning radii and powerful performance – these characteristics characterize the Weidemann machines and have made them an indispensable part of modern animal care. These qualities are also in demand in zoos and animal parks: narrow paths where food and materials have to be transported, but which are also used by visitors, narrow buildings with low storage capacities for food and material – Weidemann provides you with perfect solutions.

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Innovative, electric, emission-free

Weidemann has something special to offer for its missions: the 1160 eHoftrac, a 100% electrically operated machine that allows you to work on site without any emissions. This is especially beneficial for indoor use, because your employees and valuable livestock are not exposed to exhaust fumes. In addition, the machine works very quietly, which benefits your visitors.

Activities and missions in Zoo & Animal Park

Discover the possibilities with some examples.

Transport Work
One of the most common activities that a Weidemann machine supports is the transport of various goods and materials. In most cases attachment tools such as pallet fork or various blades are used. Exhausting manual labor is simply mechanized and you benefit from a significant time savings.
Stacking operations
Weidemann machines are not only very powerful, they also offer a considerable lifting height, depending on the model. This can be z. For example, stack square bales one above the other to save space and safely remove them again – with limited storage capacities, this is a decisive factor.
Feed management
Large animals also require large amounts of food. So that the feed handling can be done effectively, the use of a Weidemann machine with attachments such as grab bucket, crocodile bit or various bale forks – the narrow paths on your terrain are perfect for a Weidemann.

For various cleaning tasks, Weidemann machines can be equipped with various sweepers, weed brushes, high-pressure cleaners or brooms. This will keep your zoo or zoo clean and will always give a positive image to the visitors.

Muck out enclosures

Keeping the zoo clean is one of the daily tasks in any zoo or zoo. Depending on the size and type of animals, considerable amounts of manure and manure come together. Again, the Weidemann machine offers energetic support and takes over the heavy work, so that not everything has to be done with a wheelbarrow.

Elephant house
In the elephant house there is much to do: large amounts of food or toys such as tree trunks and tires must be moved. The mucking and keep clean the enclosure is also a daily work. The sand must be loosened or pushed together on heaps. For all these heavy jobs, the use of a Weidemann machine with suitable attachment tool is suitable.
Grounds maintenance
In every zoo or park, there are green areas that need to be regularly mowed. Here we recommend a Weidemann machine in combination with a sickle mower, mulcher or a flail mower with drip tray. Also available are pruning saw, hedge trimmer or double knife mower to cut hedges, bushes and trees.
Emission free work

Here is the 1160 eHoftrac in its specialty: the battery-powered machine bans exhaust fumes and noise from your daily work routine. A battery charge is sufficient for a labor input of 2 to 5 hours, depending on the conditions of use. Intermediate loads are possible at any time. The charger is located behind the battery directly in the machine.

Winter service
Depending on the model, Weidemann machines can be equipped with various snow blades and rear spreaders. This will give you valuable support in the winter service to free the area from snow and ice.

Video – Weidemann machines in action

Watch the video here at the 1160 eHoftrac in action at the Copenhagen Zoo (Denmark).