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Weidemann Telehandler Northern Ireland


The compact Weidemann telehandlers are unique in the combination of lift height, width and machine capacity. With the all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering, you are absolutely stable and well-equipped for many different tasks. Those who drive a Weidemann telehandler simply will no longer give it up.​ 

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The Weidemann benefits at a glance

All-wheel steering, low centre of gravity and excellent stability

Thanks to the all-wheel steering and the undivided chassis, Weidemann telehandlers are particularly manoeuvrable and very stable. The low centre of gravity of the machine supports the stability even more.


High quality powder coating

Quality creates added value. A key feature of the Weidemann quality standard is the powder coating, which offers excellent corrosion protection. In contrast to the conventional wet painting, it greatly increases the service life of the machine and is therefore more efficient and also environmentally friendly. 

Driver assist system vls (Vertical Lift System)

The vls (Vertical Lift System) makes a fluid working principle possible and, through a partially-automated telescoping movement, supports the work in a complex operating environment. The machine’s stability is improved with the approximate vertical lifting and lowering movements. The vls has proven itself well in the area of agriculture and our innovation received several international awards.

Sturdy telescopic arm and enormous lift height

The telescopic arm is designed to be sturdy and stable and is placed in the centre of the machine, which causes little distortion. The parallel motion takes place hydraulically. The sliding components in the inner pipe of the telescopic arm are maintenance free. All important hydraulic lines are well protected against external influences. With our compact Weidemann telehandlers, you reach amazing lift heights with the best stability and compact dimensions.

High shear forces from planetary axle

The drive via the planetary axle increases the torque on the wheel and thereby improves the shear force. Due to the optimal ratio between the shear force and machine capacity, you work flexibly and economically at the same time.

100% differential lock

If necessary, the up to 100% connectable differential lock offers you maximum traction and shear force and keeps the tyre wear low (switched off during normal operation).

Large selection of attachment tools

Use your machine as a multi-tool: you have a wide selection of attachments available for your Weidemann. Contact your Local Weidemann Ireland Dealer for more info

Large selection of tyres

The optimal tyres for every subgrade: you have a wide selection of different tyres available for your Weidemann. Contact your Local Weidemann Ireland Dealer for more info

Compact design, compact dimensions

Compact dimensions in the 2 x 2 metre class

Telehandlers from Weidemann are built extremely compactly. The width and height of all machines is less than 2 metres. That is why our telehandlers are also ideal for use in confined spaces and are therefore unique in their combination of lift height, width and machine capacity.

Small inside radius

All telehandlers in our series, from the T4512 to the T6025, have particularly small inside radii. The manoeuvrability achieved in this way makes the machines into all-rounders on every application site.

Easy transport

The Weidemann T4512 can be easily transported on a 3.5 tonne trailer – including attachments. In this way, the machines are quickly and variably on the go from job to job

The Weidemann Telehandler Range


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Model Engine performance (max.) Operating weight (standard) Tipping load with bucket – machine straight Total Width
​22.6 ( 31 ) kW (hp) 2,270 kg 1,200 kg 1,560 mm
36.3 / 44.7 ( 49 / 61 ) kW (hp) 4,200 kg 2,200 kg 1,808 mm
55.4 (74*) kW (hp) 5,225 kg 2,700 kg 1,960 mm