Weidemann 1140 Basic Line

The Multifunctional Hoftrac

Weidemann 1140 Basic Line


Compact design, low centre of gravity, tight turning radius and powerful performance — these features have characterised the Hoftrac series for years and still determine the immense success of the machines. The Hoftracs effortlessly fulfil any work task and work quickly, flexibly and safely — a Hoftrac is simply always ready for use.

Weidemann 1140 Basic Line Standard components


Perkins 403 D-11 (17.9 kW/24 hp)

Drive system

Compact axle K80
Automatic drive via oil engines on the axles, travel direction can be selected via the drive pedal
Service brake: Gear drum brake acting on rear axle
Central service and parking brake in the drive train acting on all 4 wheels
Tyres 7.00–12 AS ET40

Steering system

Hydraulic articulated pendulum steering, 12° oscillating angle


3rd Control circuit front DN10
Lock for steering valve
Floating position for lift and tilting cylinders

Driver’s cabin

Overhead guard with retaining system ROPS/FOPS tested


Operating hour meter
Fuel display
Mechanical quick-change system for attachments

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    Weidemann 1140 Basic Line Dimensions

    A: Total length 5.297 mm
    B: Total length (without bucket) 4.487 mm
    C: Axle middle to bucket pivot pin 876 mm
    D: Wheelbase 2.050 mm
    E: Rear overhang 1.310 mm
    F: Height to top of overhead guard – low-profile 2.160 mm, Height to top of overhead guard – high-profile 2.320 mm, Height to top of cabin – low-profile 2.160 mm, Height to top of cabin – high-profile 2.370 mm
    H: Seat top height 1.290 mm
    J: Total working height 4.954 mm
    K: Height of bucket pivot (max.) 4.277 mm

    L: Load-over height 3.950 mm
    M: Dumping height 3.465 mm
    N: Operating distance for M 850 mm
    O: Digging depth 138 mm
    P: Total width 1.410 mm
    Q: Track width 1.132 mm
    S: Ground clearance 297 mm
    T: Maximum radius external 3.795 mm
    U: Radius at the outer edge 3.325 mm
    V: Inside turning radius 1.881 mm
    W: Inclination angle 45 °
    X: Rollback angle at max. lifting height 45 °
    Y: Dumping angle (max.) 32 °
    Z: Rollback angle (on the ground) 39 °

    Load capacity diagram
    a: 515 (558*) kg
    b: 672 (725*) kg
    c: 897 (963*) kg
    *Values 2070 CX80 LP