Weidemann 2080LPT

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Weidemann 2080LPT

Smart solutions for all operating conditions


At Weidemann, LP stands for “Low Position”. Thanks to the lower operator’s standing and sitting position, the machine has a lower overall height. It can readily travel through narrow passages. It also allows the operator easy entry and shifts the centre of gravity towards the ground. Furthermore, the LPT models have a robust telescopic arm, as a result of this, you have a clearly increased lift height and reach.

Weidemann 2070LP Standard components

Perkins 404 D-22 (35.7 kW / 49 hp)


PA1200 planetary axle
Hydrostatic all-wheel drive, travel direction can be selected via joystick
Service brake: Hydrostatic drive system acting on all 4 wheels (wear-free)
Central service and parking brake in the drive train acting on all 4 wheels
100% differential lock, electric-hydraulically connectable on front and rear axle
Tyres 11.5 / 80 – 15.3 AS ET40


Hydraulic articulated pendulum steering, 12° oscillating angle


3rd control circuit front DN12
Hydraulic oil cooler
Lock for steering valve
Floating position for lift and tilting cylinders

Driver’s cab

“Low” canopy (height 2,133 mm) or “tall” (height 2,248 mm) with front and rear window, ROPS / FOPS tested
Comfort seat with safety belt, fully suspended, weight, back and horizontal adjustment
Joystick with direction control switch and integrated touch button for differential lock
Adjustable steering column


P-Z kinematics


Working lights (2 front, 2 rear)
Operating hour meter
Battery circuit breaker
Fuel display
Hydraulic quick-change system for attachments

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    Weidemann 2070LP Dimensions

    A: Total length 4.930 mm
    B: Total length (without bucket) 4.140 mm
    C: Axle middle to bucket pivot pin 701 mm
    D: Wheelbase 2.050 mm
    E: Rear overhang 1.310 mm
    F: Height to top of overhead guard – low-profile 2.160 mm, Height to top of overhead guard – high-profile 2.320 mm ,Height to top of cabin – low-profile 2.160 mm, Height to top of cabin – high-profile 2.370 mm
    H: Seat top height 1.290 mm
    J: Total working height 3.900 mm
    K: Height of bucket pivot (max.) 3.240 mm

    L: Load-over height 2.930 mm
    M: Dumping height 2.390 mm
    N: Operating distance for M 180 mm
    O: Digging depth 90 mm
    P: Total width 1.410 mm
    Q: Track width 1.132 mm
    S: Ground clearance 297 mm
    T: Maximum radius external 3.689 mm
    U: Radius at the outer edge 3.271 mm
    V: Inside turning radius 1.827 mm
    W: Inclination angle 44 °
    X: Rollback angle at max. lifting height 49 °
    Y: Dumping angle (max.) (max.) 44 °
    Z: Rollback angle (on the ground) 44 °


    All values with a standard bucket and standard tyres