Weidemann T4512

Next Generation

Weidemann T4512

Next Generation

The ever popular Weidemann T4512 has been completely redesigned from top to bottom…with greater spec and more options available including radio, air con and adjustable steering modes. With more HP, lift capacity and a completely redesigned cab and exterior, the Next Generation T4512 is set to be a huge success in the Irish market, just like the previous model!

Weidemann T4512 Standard components


Yanmar S5-T4F (33.3 kW / 45 HP)


PA1140 medium press.
Hydrostatic all-wheel drive, travel direction can be selected via joystick
Service brake: Hydrostatic drive system acting on all 4 wheels (wear-free)
Central service and parking brake in the drive train acting on all 4 wheels
tyres 31 x 15.5 x 15

Steering system

Hydraulic all-wheel steering, steering angle 2 x 38°


3rd Control circuit front DN10
Hydraulic oil cooler
VLS (Vertical Lift System)

Driver’s cab

Fully enclosed, heated cabin                                                                                                                                                                                    Canopy with retaining system ROPS / FOPS tested, window on right side
Comfort seat with safety belt and air cushioning
Joystick with direction control switch and integrated touch button for telescoping function


Adjustable Steering Modes
Hitch Options
Air Con Different Tyre and Attachments Options                                                                                                                                            LED Lights

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    Weidemann T4512 Dimensions

    A: Total length 3.879 mm
    B: Total length (without bucket) 2.916 mm
    C: Axle middle to bucket pivot pin 425 mm
    D: Wheelbase 1.920 mm
    E: Rear overhang 391 mm
    F: Height to top of overhead guard fixed 1.940 mm Height to top of cabin 1.940 mm
    H: Seat top height 974 mm
    J: Total working height 5.211 mm
    K: Height of bucket pivot (max.) 4.503 mm
    L1: Load-over height Retracted telescopic arm 2.909 mm
    L: Load-over height Extended telescopic arm 4.123 mm

    M1: Dumping height Retracted telescopic arm 2.375 mm
    M: Dumping height Extended telescopic arm 3.589 mm
    N: Operating distance for M 543 mm
    O: Digging depth 92 mm
    P: Total width 1.560 mm
    Q: Track width 1.296 mm
    S: Ground clearance 290 mm

    T: Maximum radius external 3.398 mm
    U: Radius at the outer edge 2.607 mm
    V: Inside turning radius 821 mm
    X: Rollback angle at max. lifting height 52 °
    Y: Dumping angle (max.) (max.) 31 °
    Z: Rollback angle (on the ground) 44 °All values with a standard bucket and standard tyres