Weidemann 1260LP

A Weidemann classic re-interpreted!

Weidemann 1260LP 

A Weidemann classic re-interpreted!

At Weidemann, the description LP refers to the Low Position. This already has a long-standing tradition and means that the machine has a low clearance height and a low machine centre of gravity – features with which you can pass through clearance heights of under 2 m without the need to fold-down the overhead guard. With this classic, you also get improved stability, which makes it unbeatable when handling heavy loads. Benefits that we have consequently retained in the fundamental revision of this successful Hoftrac to the new 1260LP. The driver’s cab or cabin have been redesigned by Weidemann. Added to this, with our Direct Wheel Drive is a powerful and efficient drive concept, which is directly driven by all four wheels. More speed likewise comes into play with now 20 km/h – which many customers desired. A manoeuvrable, agile and powerful machine is awaiting you!

Weidemann 1260LP Spec

Engine data 

Manufacturer  Perkins
Engine type  403 J-17
Cylinders  3
Engine performance  18.4 (25) kW (hp)
at rpm (max.)  2800 rpm
Cubic capacity  1663 cm³
Cooling system  Water
Emissions standard level  V
Exhaust after treatment 

Electrical system 

Operating voltage  12 V
Battery  77 Ah
Alternator  85 A


Operating weight (standard)  2100 kg
Tipping load with bucket – machine straight  1160-1690 kg
Tipping load with bucket – machine articulated  980-1440 kg
Tipping load with pallet fork – machine straight  890-1260 kg
Tipping load with pallet fork – machine articulated  740-1080 kg

Vehicle data 

Cab (optional) FSD (cabin)
Ground speed  0-20 km/h
Speed stages  1
Fuel tank capacity  18 l
Hydraulic oil tank capacity  18 l

Hydraulic system  

External services – Operating pressure  420 bar
Steering hydraulics – Oil flow  44.8 l/min
Steering hydraulics – Operating pressure  185 bar


Type of drive  Direct Wheel Drive
Traction drive  hydrostatic via four wheel hub motors (medium pressure)

Noise values 

Average sound power level LwA  101 dB(A)
Guaranteed sound power level LwA  101 dB(A)
Specified sound pressure level LpA  84 dB(A)



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