Weidemann 1390

The Multifunctional Hoftrac

Weidemann 1390


Next Generation – Hoftrac 1390


With the 13 Series, Weidemann has been successful on the market for many years in the agricultural, equestrian, municipal and commercial/industrial sectors. We have constantly revised the models, culminating in the Type 1380 with its extremely wide range of configurations, which we have expanded even further in the new model in the interests of versatility. Now the successful model has been relaunched due to the engine changeover to exhaust gas standard stage V and has been fundamentally revised. The performance of the new Hoftrac 1390, in terms of engine, axles and hydraulic power, for example, can be adapted very well to the respective work tasks. With our new electronically controlled drive ecDrive, you will experience new application possibilities and a whole new driving experience. Now unique in this size class is the very good spaciousness of the operator’s platform and cab. You can look forward to a completely new model that will simply make you even more productive!



The Weidemann benefits at a glance

High quality powder coating

Quality creates added value. The powder coating is a key feature of the Weidemann quality standard. In contrast to the conventional wet painting, it greatly increases the service life and is more efficient and also environmentally friendly in the process. 

High pushing power from the planetary axle

The drive via the planetary axle increases the torque on the wheel, thereby improving pushing power. Due to the optimal ratio between the pushing power and machine capacity, work is both flexible and economical. 

100% differential lock

The connectible 100% differential lock provides maximum traction and thrusting force if necessary. It also keeps the tire wear low (switched off during normal operation). 

Two strong lift cylinders

Weidemann always installs two lift cylinders in all Hoftrac and wheel loader models. This guarantees that the load distribution is always optimally transferred to the load arm. In addition, the entire loader unit gains stability. The size of the lift cylinder is adapted to the respective size of the machine.

Powerful hydraulics.

The 1390 can be optionally equipped with high-flow, high-performance hydraulics. This allows the operation of front attachments that have a high oil demand (such as a snow blower).

Equipment variety

Weidemann Hoftracs come with a comprehensive range of standard equipment. Depending on the application, the engine, drive, hydraulics or tyres can be individually configured. Your Weidemann is always custom-made.

Pressure release for 3rd control circuit

Weidemann also offers a special feature to assist coupling and uncoupling hydraulically operated attachments: The knob for pressure release of the 3rd control circuit is placed, easily accessible, on the oscillating suspension unit. This makes it quicker and more efficient to change the various attachments. It works when the ignition is on or the engine is running. The smooth, flat face couplings are also fitted as standard.
















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    Weidemann 1380 Dimensions

    A Total length 4.420 mm 4.581 mm
    B Total length (without bucket) 3.520 mm 3.700 mm
    C Axle middle to bucket pivot pin 560 mm 720 mm
    D Wheelbase 1.732 mm 1.732 mm
    E Rear overhang 1.182 mm 1.182 mm
    F Height to top of overhead guard fixed 2.260 mm 2.260 mm
    Height to top of overhead guard foldable (eps) 2.370 mm 2.370 mm
    Height to top of overhead guard foldable, folded (eps) 1.850 mm 1.850 mm
    Height to top of cabin 2.280 mm 2.280 mm
    H Seat top height 1.280 mm 1.280 mm
    J Total working height 3.659 mm 3.830 mm
    K Height of bucket pivot (max.) 3.010 mm 3.203 mm

    L Load-over height 2.690 mm 2.880 mm
    M Dumping height 2.130 mm 2.380 mm
    N Operating distance for M 250 mm 410 mm
    O Digging depth 83 mm 130 mm
    P Total width 1.040 mm 1.040 mm
    Q Track width 780 mm 780 mm
    S Ground clearance 250 mm 250 mm
    T Maximum radius external 3.040 mm 3.120 mm
    U Radius at the outer edge 2.792 mm 2.792 mm
    V Inside turning radius 1.610 mm 1.610 mm
    W Inclination angle 48 ° 48 °
    X Rollback angle at max. lifting height 43 ° 57 °
    Y Dumping angle (max.) 42 ° 37 °
    Z Rollback angle (on the ground) 51 ° 50 °