Weidemann 1160 eHoftrac

The innovation for your business!

Weidemann  1160 eHoftrac

The innovation for your business!

CO2 exhaust fumes, noise and soot particles in buildings – that was yesterday! The new 1160 eHoftrac banishes emissions from your everyday work. It combines the usual useful properties and the time-tested and proven performance of our Hoftrac® with the latest technology and an environmentally conscious and cost-effective electric drive.

Original Hoftrac: The indispensable multitool

A compact and sturdy design, low centre of gravity, small turning radius, powerful performance and a variety of attachments – these features identify our Hoftrac and still determine its great success. The new 1160 eHoftrac combines the advantages of the traditional Hoftrac with the drive type of the future.

100% electric: Technology that excites

A lead-acid battery drives the eHoftrac to peak performances – and only requires an electrical connection with 400 volts to do so. Two separate electric motors are used in the machine: one for the drive and one for the drive system of the work hydraulics. This minimises the power consumption, because the performance is only drawn when it is really needed. The electric motor for the drive also allows a dynamic and powerful start-up of the machine. This can be felt in every acceleration process.

Weidemann 1160 eHoftrac Standard components

Electric motor drive

6.5 kW

Electric motor working hydraulics

9 kW

Drive system

Compact axle T80
Electric drive system, travel direction can be selected via joystick
Active standstill regulation, the vehicle is held by the engine
Hill-hold function: In the event of a standstill on a hill, the electric motor holds the machine
Tires 10.0 / 75 – 15.3 AS ET10

Steering system

Hydraulic articulated pendulum steering, 12° oscillating angle


3rd Control circuit front DN10

Lock for steering valve

Driver’s Cabin

Canopy with retaining system ROPS / FOPS tested

Comfort seat with safety belt, fully suspended, weight, back and horizontal adjustment, 60 mm spring deflection
Joystick with travel direction switch


Working lights (2 front, 1 rear)
Operating hour meter
Battery charge indicator
Mechanical quick-change system for attachments

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    Weidemann 1160 eHoftrac Dimensions

    A Total length 3.983 mm
    B Total length (without bucket) 3.005 mm
    C Axle middle to bucket pivot pin 508 mm
    D Wheelbase 1.468 mm
    E Rear overhang 917 mm
    F Height to top of overhead guard fixed 2.257 mm
    Height to top of overhead guard foldable (eps) 2.361 mm
    Height to top of overhead guard foldable, folded (eps) 1.948 mm
    H Seat top height 1.293 mm
    J Total working height 3.443 mm
    K Height of bucket pivot (max.) 2.760 mm

    L Load-over height 2.441 mm
    M Dumping height 1.819 mm
    N Operating distance for M 498 mm
    O Digging depth 77 mm
    P Total width 1.044 mm
    Q Track width 780 mm
    S Ground clearance 255 mm
    T Maximum radius external 2.592 mm
    U Radius at the outer edge 2.138 mm
    V Inside turning radius 1.017 mm
    W Inclination angle 50 °
    X Rollback angle at max. lifting height 50 °
    Y Dumping angle (max.) 40 °
    Z Rollback angle (on the ground) 49 °


    Load capacity diagram
    a: 515 (558*) kg
    b: 672 (725*) kg
    c: 897 (963*) kg
    *Values 2070 CX80 LP