Industries - Forestry and wood industry

Weidemann Ireland offers the right solution for every task

Your all-rounder not only in the yard

In agriculture, Weidemann machines are widely used – what could be more obvious than that their use in the forestry and wood industry has almost naturally derived in recent years. When a machine is already in the yard, of course, you like to exploit their full potential. With the appropriate attachment tools, “making wood” is no problem.

Firewood processing is again in high demand thanks to the strong and renewed spread of wood burning stoves, and for many farmers it is a good source of additional income besides the self-sufficiency of firewood.

Also at home in the sawmill

In the sawmill, Weidemann machines with their maneuverability, compact design and low consumption like to supplement the large machines that do the heavy work there. Loading work, stacking and unloading logs and filling energy recovery systems are her specialties.

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Activities and operations in forestry and wood industry

Discover the possibilities with some examples.

Transport work

With a bollard fork, the Weidemann machine is equally suitable for picking, stacking and transporting logs and small logs. The gripping function of the fork gives the wood a secure grip during the driving and lifting movements.

Loading work

The storage space for finished products is so limited on a sawmill that trucks are often loaded from one side. With a Weidemann telescopic loader, this is no problem as the machine’s arm extends to the rear row of the loading area.

Stacking operations

In a sawmill, a Weidemann machine can support the safe stacking of trunk sections. Here at Weidemann, the interplay of lifting height, stability and maneuverability fits, so that the ideal machine type can be easily determined.


The removal of wood waste can be solved by machine using the different sliding brooms and sweepers. Make your Weidemann a multitool and choose the right attachment tool depending on the size and condition of the wood waste.

Grounds maintenance

On every site there are green areas which have to be mowed regularly. Here we recommend the Weidemann machine in combination with a sickle mower, mulcher or a flail mower with drip tray. Also available are pruning saw, hedge trimmer or double knife mower to cut hedges, bushes and trees.

Winter service

Depending on the model, Weidemann machines can be equipped with various snow blades and rear spreaders. This will give you valuable assistance in winter maintenance to clear the terrain of snow and ice.

Video – Weidemann machines in action

In the video you can see the Weidemann wheel loader 2080 in use with a polterfork.